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Uber-Awesome KOTOR III Storyline, 2.0!!!1!!!

Some assumptions that I will be making: KOTOR3 won't come out. At all. KOTOR MMO will. And the KOTOR MMO storyline will not be, well, good.

In the past, I have written an "Uber Awesome KOTOR III Storyline" thread, but it needed some work. This thread is stating, "Alright, time to pull off this work, because Bioware isn't going to do it, LA isn't going to do it, and I don't want to see an entire race just genocided in order to glorify my ego anymore." There will not be any more Mary Sues, there will not be any more powerful characters like Revan and Exile.

Frankly, I'm not doing this because I 'care' for Revan. I never cared for my characters at all. Instead, I do this because I care for the KOTOR series. And since I am not constrained by any sort of money or such, I might as well give free reign to conclude the series to those who wish to abandon LucasForums and not continue watching the storyline any more. To provide real closure.

Jediphile has came up with one, TA may come up with one in the far off future, but for now, let me try this out, once more, as a swan song for the dead project known as K3. What I desire it to be.

This is just a, uh, placeholder. Sorry. I'll post the actual storyline later.

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