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i played the first kotor and beat it a LONG time ago, but i still remember my first impressions. i'm not the world's biggest rpg fan. actually quite the opposite, partly due to ADD (HA! i can really blame it for something), if it's not fast and doesn't kill you if you step around the wrong corner in five seconds (Counter-Strike, the Battlefield franchise NOT THE FRIGGIN CONSOLE CRAP! the pc versions!, HALO, Tribes 2, JK 2 multiplayer) then I don't even wanna touch it, but this game... it's crazy. i went ahead and let my bro play it first because he's the one that rented it, and when i saw the fighting structure, the customizability, the unbelievably well written story lines. I HAD TO HAVE IT! it's still to this day the only rpg i play (both KOTOR's). i haven't even touched jade empire because a) i'm a SW nut b) i can't let another video game ruin my social life like BF2142, ETQW, and the KOTOR's have. i will probably get it eventually.

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