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Originally posted by Grannen:
You have to go to the Harbor and Topic: Fake NiKo on the loose.
NiKo and I agreed to play with NiKo:
And thatís why parts of his original text was removed and some added!
I think NFGB later removed NiKo: from the Topic.

oh, ok then... but i still wanted to read it!


Well, u know. the trip wasnt really like its showing, i had to make it comic... u know... no one kicked me out... well, just this guy... i mean an army of undead koalas and some evil forces from hell!!!!!!... and this mushroom... well the mushrooms were the evil forces of hell... mushroom, singular... ok forget the koalas... WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME????? KEEP READING THE FORUM, NEVERMIND THIS!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
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