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As others have said I would like a KOTOR III by Obsidian but if it comes out that this KIII just by Bioware I'd be like meh it's ok( you know still freaken YAHHOO! but I'm rooting for Feargus and Chris). If it turns out that this is K3 but an mmo I'll be like cool I'll try it, even if it says KOTOR they could put it in the War with Exar Kun or something further in the past or in the distant future so it doesn't touch KOTOR and TSL's story. I remember downloading Galaxies for a 10 or 14 day trial, I played it the first two days and was like this is cool and then the last eight or twelve days I didn't touch it, I was a wookie jedi that was pretty sAweet. This could even be an Idiana Jones thing or heck ya maybe EVEN a MONKEY ISLAND thing, now that would be rad.

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Yeah, because their first partnership, which birthed the original KotoR was a catastrophe...Root for Obsidian as they brutally tear apart future installments in series. TSL and NWN2 are both massive disappointments compared to their fathers. And you can say that it's because they were rushed out the door, but the fact is, Avellone is too ambitious and has twice so far bitten off more than he can choke down. Bioware is far more experienced.

TSL story was deeper, Obsidian doesn't baby feed people the story, you have to read between the lines and get to the heart of the matter; not for the whole game but parts and I like their style Avellone is a good writer and I believe that I read in an article from the web( somebody correct me if I'm wrong) but Chris didn't work that much on the NWN2 storyline some other guy was at the head of it, Avellone, I'm sure participated but he wasn't in the drivers seat, I think. I enjoyed NWN2 storyline it was ambitious and worked out well(I only had a problem with the graphics, I had everything on low and it was choppy, my sky was a bunch of lines or orange eesh, now I've upgraded my card from a 128 to a 512 so it works amazingly).

From what I get about the NWN2 expansion reviews, the story is kick ars, one review said they're back to their planescape Torment ways. I've never played that game but people say it's great. It seems to me maybe they just had a few bumps but their finding the wind in their sails so to speak.

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