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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Char Ell's 1up interview is dating from November 2006, it mentions the Bioware MMO being announced in March of the same year, with development which started in December 2005. Leemu Taos' screenshot dates of March 2007. It mentions how Bioware, at that moment, was not making KotOR 3.

Why the hell do people panic then? How is this an indication of Bioware's MMORPG being some follow-up of TSL?

Bioware's MMORPG has been in development for many years now, if it is indeed a KotOR game, it won't be the end of the trilogy, simply an MMO set in the global KotOR universe. Hey, it could be about the Mandalorian Wars.

Then, this press release could indicate an entirely new partnership. On one side, it could really indicate that KotOR 3 is going to be made. On the other, it could be anything.

Finally, if this is indeed an entirely new partnership, it's truly good news. It means Bioware is able to do it's own things, not what EA necessarily wants.

I'll add another thing before I end this post. The interview mentions how in Bioware MMO, the character doesn't save the universe, using Sauron and a hypothetical LOTR game as an exemple. The player cannot defeat Sauron, but does have its own personal story that's exciting. This MMORPG obviously cannot be the end to the KotOR story.

I'll take a wait and see approach instead of random panicking. Worst case scenario, it's an MMORPG that concludes the KotOR trilogy (IMO, impossible to make). Best case, it's KotOR 3 as an SPRPG. Middle ground, a KotOR MMO not having anything to do with KotOR 3.

Going crazy over a really vague press release is quite stupid.
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