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Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos 07', what's everyone's plans this year? This Thursday right? I'm looking forward to a test unfortunately. I also just installed linux, so I can't play GF, but I plan to try this app called "wine" that's supposed to emulate windows, so wish me luck.

For your education,

I relay wish this kind of thing was ingrained into american culture, it would put our graveyards to better use. Right now they're just places where we bury our loved ones, mourn, and walk away, eventually forgetting they are even buried there (or at least in my family). Though one of the main causes of this is because it's hard to find a local graveyard these days that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to bury your loved one there, so most of the time in my family we have to drive 45 min.s into another state just to see our grandpa, which we only did once one year after he was buried. Just wish we could bring the happiness and celebration of Halloween to our graveyards, it would help build community, meet new people, and hanging around those we love instead of leaving them to their cold, forgotten resting place.

Any way, I expect to see pumpkin carving pictures of Manny and crew from all of you, or at least some costumes!
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