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Originally Posted by TiE23
Not a problem. I have 700gb of space on my computer. And I have a "TV Shows" folder that weighs over 180gigs alone. And the 2gb for my computer only cost $60. And Vista owns XP no matter what you say. You shouldn't judge an OS from downloading the open beta from a year ago.
A) Vista does not own XP no matter what I say. It uses more resources than XP no matter what anyone says. No OS should use up that many resources. All that does is take away resources from other applications. Such as games. Explain to me why I got an average of 25 fps on the CS:S stress test with Vista, and then booted into XP and got an average of 60. And this was from the finished product, not the beta. There's just no reason for that **** TiE. In addition to the annoying as hell UAC asking me for permission every time I tried to move a f***ing file (it's done it on all 4 computers I've ever ran vista on), f*** that. I have no reason to ever use that steaming pile of s*** called vista.
B)I'm not judging it from the Open Beta. I'm judging it from my experience with the finished product on 4 different computers, 3 of them being within the last 2 months.
C) Yes, I had vista recently. It came on my laptop. However as soon as I got to an internet connection, I downloaded an ubuntu disk and a windows disk (couldn't find mine, using my license and key though) and got rid of it as soon as the disks were burnt.

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