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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Yeah, because their first partnership, which birthed the original KotoR was a catastrophe...Root for Obsidian as they brutally tear apart future installments in series. TSL and NWN2 are both massive disappointments compared to their fathers.
That's an opinion, not a fact. You're entitled to yours, but so is everyone else, at and a LOT of people here disagree with you...

Originally Posted by Corinthian
And you can say that it's because they were rushed out the door, but the fact is, Avellone is too ambitious and has twice so far bitten off more than he can choke down. Bioware is far more experienced.
Well, duh! That's a bit of an easy assault to make, given that TSL was Obsidian's first game. That's like saying nobody could ever write better Star Wars plots than George Lucas because he has more experience...

Besides, if we look at the people involved rather than the age of the company, the argument doesn't make much sense to me, since Avellone and most of the guys at Obsidian have far more experience than you could wave a stick at, just not as Obsidian. And if Obsidian are that inept and inexperienced, then what does it say about Bioware that they convinced LA to hire them to do TSL?

Originally Posted by Corinthian
TSL might have had a GREAT plot, if it were finished. As it was, you could tell it was rushed out the door by how quickly and poorly the game wrapped up. The fates of the characters were dealt with in a massive infodump by the major villain! I'm sure that, had they finished the game within the deadline LucasArts gave them, it would have been great, but Avellone couldn't pull through. LucasArts wouldn't wait for Obsidian to finish on TSL, it's unlikely they would for III.
...since we're on the subject of experience in the business.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
Bioware's games are consistently solid, they wrap up the plotlines, and I've never seen a Bioware game have so many flaws that a mod needs to practically rebuild the game.
That's not a fair comparison. Bioware was already a well-established company by the time they did KotOR, and they were big enough that LA couldn't push them around. Since TSL was Obsidian's first game, they did not enjoy the same advantage.

Besides, you seem to forget that LA cut two months from the deadline on TSL about halfway through development. That Obsidian was able to deliver a playable game under those conditions AND in less than year is a marvel of an achievement. But I dare say LA could not have cut the deadline if the developer's name had been Bioware, and IMHO it's unfair not to take that into consideration.

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