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I don't have any real perference when it comes to the games, I enjoy many aspects of KOTOR 1 and many of KOTOR 2. There are some innovations with the influence system that could have improved K1. The more animated clothing used in the game, and I'd like to see what The Force Unleashed can bring to the KOTOR series.

ON the assumption that this new game will indeed be a new KOTOR game, I simply want the best, I don't really care who it takes to produce that. I want something that feels like I'm not simply playing a mod for TSL or K1. There's a thousand speculation topics on what should/will be in a K3 if it's ever made, so I won't go there.

I just don't want K3 to turn out like Revenge of the Sith. Poorly acted and feeling like I missed something.

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