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Originally Posted by Sabretooth
But the thing is, how is that a direct proof of him being stronger than Vader. Both were four thousand years apart, in completely different situations and completely different environments. Perhaps Vader would have been able to do everything Revan did, and better - or vice versa.
Force wise, it was stated in path of destruction that revan had more knowledge of the force than an entire jedi archives, that speaks greatly for his power.

Im not argueing revan is superior to vader by miles, i am led to believe in terms of strength in the force, both are equals but when it comes to knowledge i believe revan has more

Originally Posted by adamqd
In reality, anyone who features in EP I-VI are faster, stronger, better, more Powerful etc than any EU character or EU version of a movie Character, Regardless of what they do or achieve, or appear to do or achieve... Thats the nature of G-canon vs C canon.
Not a good way to put it, how is ROTJ luke a weakling at that time be stronger than his NJO incarnation who could pull star destroyer engines apart like nothing?
Doesn't make sense, The EU is also where we see vaders and sidious tremendous powers

Side note:
As for dueling speeds leland chee stated EU speeds do not contradict movie speeds at all
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