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Originally Posted by BongoBob
Wall of text.
My computer doesn't slow down from any of the settings. And the first thing I ever did on Vista was turn off UAC- it takes 2 minutes and a reboot.

And personally, I'm not sure Ubuntu would really do it for me, I use way too many Windows only applications right now. And if someone tells me that I can run them on Linux using some sort of emulator program, that's just an extra barrier that I don't want to have to deal with. I was raised on Windows and I think I'll stay that way for a little bit longer.

And lastly, I didn't even know you even had a laptop. And you should have gotten a OS-less laptop if possible, or a one with XP for a better price. But alas, I don't know the situation around that.

And anyway, the BEST OS EVER has already been made, and it's called Windows ME OS X Leopard.

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