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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Also, they made the actual Sith Lords really lame. Sion falls in love with the Exile? Nihilus never even speaks a recognizable language? Kreia was okay, but she really was mostly just the typical Total Nihilist you see in every other fantasy or Sci-Fi. "Blow up the Force". What the hell?
Nihilus is mysterious and deadly. He is evil incarnate, and that is why he cannot be known in any way. Besides, we already know that Avellone had bigger plans for him. In short, he is strange, yes, but there is a reason for it, a reason why he must be like this.

As for Kreia's cause, it is thought-provoking and original in the context of Star Wars - she is the Star Wars version of Captain Ahab and is - like Ahab - at war with god (=will of the Force). It's complex, sure, but at least it doesn't carbon-copy the gazillion other superficial Star Wars plots we've seen.

As for Sion, I actually agree with you - the lame Sion/exile love thing is silly in the extreme and a major reason why I cannot accept the exile as female. For the male exile, the plot is fine, but for the (canon) female exile, the "love the sith"-plot is tacked on and badly written, while the relationship with Atris seems comparatively forced. Therefore it always felt to me like the authors intended the exile to be male.

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