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Yes, lets get back on topic people, this is not an OS war thread.

You know, even if the demo is running at 8FPS on highest settings for me, it is still an amazing achievement.

As a Halloween treat for people who can't run Crysis on highest settings or at all, I've whittled down my 382 screenshots to a select 20 I can now share with you. Everything is in-game:

In-engine cut scenes.

Guys standing around looking manly.


Good caustics.

Note: Banding in sky is not in actual gameplay

Even underwater looks amazing.

Mountain in background is not skybox.


A slightly too sudden but still cool sunrise.

A few things to notice: The glare arond the plants in front of the sun; the sun rays filtering through the trees; the flock of birds in the sky; and the light shining through the big leaf on the left. Oh, and the mountain.

Nice grass lighting.

A nice vista (not talking about the OS)

Nice ocean specular.

Clouds are volumetric (3D)

Indoors looks good too.

Facing a dual-pistol-wielding solder in a nano suit with a calm demeanor is no small feat. And what's the guy on the right shooting at?

That's a lot of trees (and really good shadows).

Some of the best ground textures in a game.

Looks great at all distances.

How so many good-looking trees can be rendered at an observable framerate is beyond me.

I'd also like to note that all of the trees are breakable and break at whatever point you're shooting at/punching. You can even break the pieces of trees into smaller pieces, and if the tree was small enough, you can pick up the pieces and throw them at people.

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