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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Nihilus is mysterious and deadly. He is evil incarnate, and that is why he cannot be known in any way. Besides, we already know that Avellone had bigger plans for him. In short, he is strange, yes, but there is a reason for it, a reason why he must be like this.
I beg to differ. 1-dimensional would also be an accurate description, I feel.

You couldn't have found a better way to reply here DI? This is a definite flame-bait attempt. See that this doesn't happen again, mkay? -RH
Originally Posted by Jediphile
As for Kreia's cause, it is thought-provoking and original in the context of Star Wars - she is the Star Wars version of Captain Ahab and is - like Ahab - at war with god (=will of the Force). It's complex, sure, but at least it doesn't carbon-copy the gazillion other superficial Star Wars plots we've seen.
Quite. However, she also copies the "whiny teacher" model, is about the closest relative to Sidious in terms of character, and isn't so much novel as counter-rational, impossible to please, lies, cheats, and moves the goalposts all the time.

Seriously, though, she isn't some wondrously novel character. Her vaunted talk about hating the Force seems to me to be an excuse for the emo/anarchist who never grew up. She got wound up because she was a crap teacher, flounced out of the Jedi Order in a huff, then got annoyed when her ridiculously stupid new apprentices who derive power from, to quote Canderous, something equivalent to "driving a spike through your head", and flounced off again to go around with a guy/gal she apparently disliked for his/her 'stupidity' by her judgement, called them a failure and ran away, then when he beat two successive 'apprentices' turned volte-face and said "actually, it was all a test", then decides that her insane plan is something she both wants and sees mustn't happen...There's a mess of plot ideas and threads that in the end, rather than creating a cohesive moevement through the game, instead gives the impression of a car crash involving multiple story lines.
Originally Posted by Jediphile
As for Sion, I actually agree with you - the lame Sion/exile love thing is silly in the extreme and a major reason why I cannot accept the exile as female. For the male exile, the plot is fine, but for the (canon) female exile, the "love the sith"-plot is tacked on and badly written, while the relationship with Atris seems comparatively forced. Therefore it always felt to me like the authors intended the exile to be male.
I third this motion. The relationship with Atris as a female Exile seems, well...stupid:-

"We were very good friends. And that is why I've been pining for ten years over my best friend doing something that I find wrong, and have cut myself off from the rest of the Order, hated her and fallen to the Dark Side over it because...err...I wear my heart on my sleeve, despite that being as dangerous in a Jedi as [etc etc]?" - Huh?

As for the whole Sion love thing - what? They met maybe four times, and each time he tried to kill her! Fishy-fishy, to quote the whimpering locker on Manaan.

Now onto the topic: Some people seem to think this is a disaster. Come on. It's not like it's - oh, I don't know - Lionhead studios - are definitely making KotOR III.

Even if Bioware is, they're still damn good developers, and the original storyline is hardly the bad fanfic that some make it out to be. For that matter, neither is TSL's the meisterwork of social commentary on a par with Vile Bodies, nor a Shakespearean linguistic masterpiece (despite the dialogue which at times reads like it was put together by someoen from about 1593), nor is it an epic on the scale of Tolkien. It's a fairly good game, but it's hardly going to set the world alight.

Bioware + LA = something fairly good. Even an MMO by them would at least be guaranteed to involve some fairly cool concepts. Who knows at this juncture? Wait, see, then start screaming and slitting your wrists.

If it is either Obsidian or Bioware that make KotOR III, I'll be OK with it. It's not like I get a vote on the subject anyhow...

...If it's a new PC, however, there will be blood.
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