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Maybe it's not KotoR at all. Maybe LA wants Bioware to make an Indiana Jones game, or maybe something completely different. To be honest, KotoR should have been the first, last, and only game in the series. They wrapped everything up at the end. Malak was toast, the Star Forge was gone, Revan was redeemed. Then LucasArts tried to milk it and we get this bizarre plotline about Revan leaving the Republic to go fight 'The True Sith'.

We've got a total of something like 25000 years of history that hasn't even been touched upon, not counting the Rakata Occupations and everything before the founding of the Republic. And instead of building up, everything is set in three time periods: Original Trilogy Era, Prequel Trilogy Era, and KotoR. They're just now doing "Between OT and PT." Geez.
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