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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious

Seriously, though, she isn't some wondrously novel character. Her vaunted talk about hating the Force seems to me to be an excuse for the emo/anarchist who never grew up. She got wound up because she was a crap teacher, flounced out of the Jedi Order in a huff, then got annoyed when her ridiculously stupid new apprentices who derive power from, to quote Canderous, something equivalent to "driving a spike through your head", and flounced off again to go around with a guy/gal she apparently disliked for his/her 'stupidity' by her judgement, called them a failure and ran away, then when he beat two successive 'apprentices' turned volte-face and said "actually, it was all a test", then decides that her insane plan is something she both wants and sees mustn't happen...There's a mess of plot ideas and threads that in the end, rather than creating a cohesive moevement through the game, instead gives the impression of a car crash involving multiple story lines.

You should portray more characters. =)
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