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[K1] PC Alien Species Soundsets

This mod will allow you to play using an alien speech soundset. It will complete all missing entries in each of the included ssf files (so that all NPCs will also have full soundsets), and add a few new ones.

11 included soundsets are:
Aqualish (Walrusman),
Twi'lek Male & Female,
& Frogling (Vandar).

Booster pack adds 4 more soundsets:
Bith (can also be used for Ithorians),
& Tusken (Sand Person).

To play as a Wookiee, use Zaalbar's soundset (since it is already complete).

It's available at DeadlyStream
Booster Pack also at DeadlyStream
(If FileFront ever comes back
It's available at FileFront
Booster Pack also at FileFront)

This was one of the many mods I was working on at the same time as my Species Mod.

Please let me know how it sounds . I've only tried it on my own computer, so I don't know if the volume is loud enough, or if the whole clip will play, etc. I'd like to make more, so any feedback I get will help me improve the new ones.

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