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Man you're quick I only just started this thread.

Originally Posted by Lucied
Awsome mods man but i do have a request if you feel up to it...

my favorite one so far is the gray one that uses zaalbar models. Would you be able to make a Albino Model? with white fur and reddish eyes. and vest colour im not sure what would look best.

Also i have one other question is this compatible skin with KOTOR so if i would rename the files would this skin work with zaalbar in kotor?

i'd really appreciate it if you reply back
Yes, you could easily rename any one of the male tga files to be used as Zaalbar. I'm at work right now, so I can't look up the exact name to use, but I can check back when I get home.

As for the Albino request, I put a Photoshop file in with the Dark wookiee zip file so that anyone could make new skins. I'm all about sharing

If I can fit some time in for it, I might be able to whip you up an Albino. The only reason I went with Grey in the first place was becuse the Albinos are supposed to be rare.

Thanks for checking them out.
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