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Originally Posted by adamqd
Maybe it was a bad way to put it, but what I mean still stands, EU is Fantasy within the fantasy, the Films come first...
Not really, EU has their own grade of canon, and its canon status isnt renounced if it doesnt contradict the movies.

Its in the EU where we see characters at full power(njo luke being a god, sidious being the strongest sith, vader choking beings light years awar)

Originally Posted by adamqd
Don't get me wrong, I watch, read and play as much EU as I can get my hands on, but when Lucas says "Palpatine is the most powerful force user ever" and "Anakin would of been twice as powerful as the Emperor". you can't argue with that... Even though the books and what not seem to contradict this.
Nothing contradicts that, anakin as of ROTS has yet to reach his full potential so yes, there are others stronger than him as of ROTS
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