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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
You know the word interactive in the press release kinda speaks volumes though...Unless that's what they want us to think!

Get Mulder and Scully here on the double!!!
You do realize that even Pong could be considered 'interactive', right?

Push a button, and you interact with the enviroment, being able to manipulate a ping-pong ball to fly in the other direction.

"Interactivity" is just a buzz word.

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Donít be surprised if your plot isnít far off from Avelloneís vision of K3, Jediphile. Hell, I bet youíve even got the planets right.
Er. Maybe that may be true, but I think Avellone MUST have a different plotline. Why? Because to keep it unique, that's all. What's the point of the "plot twist" if everyone knows about it happening before the game's even announced? Besides, nobody predicted Kreia when speculating on K2.

Originally Posted by The Onion
"The Cambodian government has established many exciting-sounding 're-education camps' where both intellectuals and everyday citizens can be sent at any time," Day said. Well, we at Barnes & Noble have always supported re-education in America, and we intend to extend this policy to our new customers." For every hardcover book sold, Barnes & Noble will donate a dollar to the Cambodian government to help re-educate local children.
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