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Originally Posted by Char Ell
LIAYD, keeping me honest.

My reasons for believing that the BioWare/LucasArts project is an MMORPG are as follows:
1) Why go to the effort of creating a joint domain,, for a single player RPG? Wouldn't it make more sense just to go with the standard developer/publisher relationship if that is all it's going to be?

2) Why would BioWare go back to developing a SPRPG for a licensed IP when they've been doing just fine with making games for their own IP? After all, BioWare did turn down the opportunity to develop a KotOR sequel. Plus BioWare had plenty of funding from their parent company, VG Holdings, so there aren't any apparent financial reasons for BioWare to go back to making SPRPG's for licenses.

3) BioWare is making their first foray into an MMORPG and being able to use a high profile licensed IP like Star Wars for the game would help immensely with garnering attention ergo a successful launch. Look at what BioWare did with their first handheld title. A licensed IP (Sonic). This is a strategy BioWare has already employed with SPRPG's for PC and the strategy has been proven to be a successful one for them. Use licensed IP's to help get started in a new genre/platform and then as the development experience is gained and reputation is established for that genre/platform the company can move forward with developing titles using original IP.

1- Knowing that it's co-developed, it might have been a good idea to make such a domain to solidify the partnership.

2- There's always a possibility that LucasArts might have come up with a good offer for them. Maybe not monetary, but a conjunction of factors might have changed their minds about making a sequel to the two KotORs. What factors? Could be anything from an interesting monetary offer to better freedom then what might have been offered for making KotOR 2. The truth is, I don't exactly know, but I'm just mentioning possibilities.

3- That is only assuming their MMO is indeed a Star Wars game and that this partnership is exactly about that. It would be kind of weird to try to spearhead the market with two different MMOs. I get the feeling however that this partnership is something relatively new. I could certainly be wrong though. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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