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No. I don't think a grim fandago mmo is realistic. I do think you may be a little overly quick to pigeonhole them.

It could be a matter of hoping for the best and making plans for the possibility just in case. As to the joint domain, why couldn't it be possible that they are setting up a foundation to build on if their partnership with a Kotor 3 project goes well. Then they would already have in place the infrastructure to market other Pre - Darth Bane rpg's either from the KOTOR time frame or not. I wouldn't want to bet on this possibility at this point either, but it doesn't seem any less likely to me.

Not being on the inside of the game industry, all we know is that they are laying groundwork for a potentially long term partnership. I don't know that you can say more than that at this point with just the information we know now.
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