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I forgot.... what?
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Yeah but something tells me the game isn't finished yet, and it's not the "PRE-RELEASE VERSION" in the top of the screen. Changing most of the sliders has no effect for me for some reason. Try changing post-processing to low after you've switched to high or very high shaders.

Then there's the rumours of it not using the true available power that CPUs can produce, which I can attest to; Jedi Academy gets my CPU far hotter than crysis.
AND if you have an 8xxx series card you're bound to notice that the drivers SUCK. Just seriously they're poopoo in every way. I've tried numerous games on my 8600GT and it just performs below average, the same goes for any 8 series Nvidia card currently on the market, the technology is new and the drivers seem to echo this fact.

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