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Originally Posted by Char Ell
Well, the domain was registered on Oct. 11, the same day that EA announced they were purchasing BioWare and Pandemic Studios. That says to me that the details of how the joint BioWare/LucasArts project would be handled had been worked out during the acquisition process. I think it's likely this deal between LA and BioWare was reached some time ago and there was a lot of behind-the-scenes activity to work out how the joint BioWare/LA project was going to be handled with EA entering the picture.

The only hiccup, I think, is how EA mentioned that the MMORPG was one of the reasons they wanted to buy Bioware. The problem is, they wouldn't own the IP, since even if jointly developed, Lucasarts probably would retain control of it. I would find it strange that EA would be so excited about that.

Originally Posted by Linky Triforce
a future Yuuzhang Vong MMORPG
That is of course impossible. Yuuzhan Vong suck. I know that opinion is not truth and I constantly say so, but unfortunately, this is cold hard fact. -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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