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I don't think you get what I mean, I know all about Leland chee, and the Holocron and Canon... of course Luke njo doesn't contradict ROTJ because it's after, and he could of improved his skill, the same way I haven't got a problem with DE Sidious, because its after the films his power could of improved. Leland chee states that the EU is Legitimate "Unless" it contradicts G-canon, the EU is NOT as canon as the films, read the statments Leland Chee, Sue Rostoni and the rest of Lucas licensing has put out about canon on and you'll see this to be true.
This has spun into a moot point now, as I was trying to discuss a point about Revan's power versus GL's stated "Most powerful" Force users. this is not the argument I was trying to make, our opinion on canon is irrelevant... so How Powerfull was Revan?

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