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Originally Posted by adamqd
I don't think you get what I mean, I know all about Leland chee, and the Holocron and Canon... of course Luke njo doesn't contradict ROTJ because it's after, and he could of improved his skill, the same way I haven't got a problem with DE Sidious, because its after the films his power could of improved. Leland chee states that the EU is Legitimate "Unless" it contradicts G-canon, the EU is NOT as canon as the films, read the statments Leland Chee, Sue Rostoni and the rest of Lucas licensing has put out about canon on and you'll see this to be true.
This has spun into a moot point now, as I was trying to discuss a point about Revan's power versus GL's stated "Most powerful" Force users. this is not the argument I was trying to make, our opinion on canon is irrelevant... so How Powerfull was Revan?
I get what you mean by G- canon triumphs over C-canon(The EU), i just misunderstood what you were trying to interpret earlier.

On a side note which i would like to add, many people get the idea that vader is weak and a slow ass fighter in the movie, but what people don't get is that vader was not trying his best, for the ANH duel vader and kenobi preferred to fight that way, as for TESB vader was merely toying with luke and as for ROTJ, luke stated in one of the novels that vader was holding back and could have easily annihilated him had he try.

As for dueling abilities vader is far from being sloppy because we have seen him display remarkable agility in his current state and being able to fight 7 jedi masters at once and wtf own 4 of them, im sure its clear that EU speeds do not contradict the speeds in the movie as chee stated so.

^ thats just to add a little note, hope you get what i mean

Anyways back to topic, just how powerful was revan? In my opinion, very powerful, in terms of knowledge he is second to yoda and sidious seeing that path of destruction states he knew more than an entire archive, in terms of strength in the force, he is under yoda and sidious according to several sources while he is roughly on the same level as vader for raw power.

For dueling capabilities i have no idea seeing that most of his dueling saber takes in gameplay which are not canon so in my opinion windu, vader/anakin, yoda and sidious beat him by far in that category.

If you would like ill list down revans feats which shows his trememdous powers
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