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Star Wars Games

Something that has been bugging me for a while about Lego Star Wars is that its interesting how Lucasarts has said for a long time that it would be difficult to make games based on the original trilogy because there is not enough going on to make a full length 40+ hour game and thats why there areint any games specifically for the original trilogy and yet now they can make a LEGO game based on the original movies. If they could do that why couldnt they just have made regular games based on the star wars trilogy in the first place? Theres lots of little things that the characters could do between the major scenes to lengthen the game and the prequel games for ep1 and 3 came up with all sorts of other things to do that didnt really go along with the movie events EXACTLY but for a game it was still fun and most people could overlook such things so why couldnt they have done this for the original trilogy instead of just giving us a LEGO game of it? Lego games are fun but they shouldve came up with some regular games to go along with them.
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