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Chapter 2: The Rumor & the Promise


11 years earlier
Gunshots could be heard from every side of the battle ground. The Mandalorians kept fighting back for their honor. In the midst of all this, a figure approached her. She immediately drew her pink lightsaber, and activated it. To be safe, she got in a defesive position. As the figure came closer she saw that it was the General. Her heart jumped for joy of seeing him. She quickly got in a relaxed position and turned off her lightsaber.

"General Kast, what news from Revan?" Padmé asked him.
"Well, Revan says that all is going as planned; For this very reason, he says that it is time to activate the mass shadow generators. We will have to leave the planet first to avoid our army being decimated." Ferc Kast replied.
"I'll go tell Bao-Dur; he's the one that Revan told me that he chose for this job." She replied, sounding hopeful about something.
"May the Force be with you." He said, sounding not quite as hopeful to see her again.
"You do realize that--" Padmé started, but the General cut her off.
"Yes, I know that we will probaly not see each other again." He said, rather quickly.

Tears fell from her eyes; he hugged her. And, in order to cheer her up, he kissed her.

"I love you. I will never forget you." said he, with a gentle tone.
"So the rumor was true?" she said, through her tears. "The rumor that you're leaving to face the Jedi Council's judgement?"
"Yes the rumor is true. Malak wanted Revan to kill me for deserting. But, Revan stood up for me. He thought that I need to go face the Council." the soon-to-be exile said.
"I will find you, if I can after serving a while longer, and help you do whatever you need help doing." she said, in a promising tone. "I love you. May the Force be with you, always."

She now went to find Bao-Dur and give him the assignment, and to announce the retreat order that would ensure their safety & victory...
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