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Chapter 3: The New Assignment


Admiral Carth Onasi waited for this "Jedi who served under Revan and the Exile." He wondered what this Jedi would be like: whether more like Revan, more like the Exile or like neither. Soon, he heard calls for him on his comlink. He listened a while longer to realize that it was Dustil Onasi's voice. He answered the call. A short message came through his comlink:

"The Jedi is here, and is waiting...patiently for your arrival." said Dustil's voice.
"I'll be there soon. Admiral Onasi out." he replied.

He got to the landing pad in Citadel Station soon afterwards. Where could this Jedi be? he thought, only seeing a bunch of Republic soldiers at first. Then he saw her: a beautiful young lady in a simple, yet unique Jedi outfit.

"You're the Jedi served under Revan & the Exile, correct?" Admiral Onasi asked, trying to keep a serious tone.
"Yes, I am. And for future reference, my name is Padmé Starkiller. And you are?" Padmé replied.
"I am Admiral Onasi. I served under Saul Karath during the Mandalorian Wars. I was a Republic soldier during the Jedi Civil War. At the end of the Jedi Civil War, I was a companion to Darth Revan." He replied, sounding proud and unproud at the same time.
"That's quite a service record that you have. Anyways, I was told that you would deliver me the last known coordinates of the Ebon Hawk." Padmé said, seemingly impressed.
"Yes, I have them with me. But, before you leave to go help the Exile, the Republic need help with 5 of the planets that have seceded." the aged Admiral said.
"I accept this assignment, Admiral Onasi." Padmé said, after thinking about it for a while.
"Well, to tell the truth I am glad." said Admiral Onasi, relieved. "And here's why: by going to those 5 planets you should be able to get the coordinates to find the Exile & Revan, while helping the Republic's problem. I wish you luck. May the Force be with you, Master Starkiller."
"Thank you. May the Force be with you,..." she said, gratefully. "...Carth."
"Wait, how do you know me?" the Admiral asked, curiously.
"I met your wife before she died. She told me all about you while you were serving the Republic. I protected her while you were gone. She promised that she wouldn't tell you about me.." Padmé said. "In fact, it was your wife whoe vouched for me before the Jedi Council when I returned from the Mandalorian War. I'm sorry for what happened to her. But, I was told to go back to the Jedi Temple on Dantooine for an assignment. I attempted to leave 2 weeks later. In the end, I had to leave the week before she died. If I had stayed, she would still be alive."
"It's not your fault; it was Saul Karath's fault." Carth said, as he thought: How could it be her fault? Saul gave the order to fire on Telos, not her.
"But, I suggested, before I left Revan & Malak, to Saul that he could show his loyalty by attacking Telos. I just didn't think he would actually do it. Thus, it was my fault." she said, mournfully. "I now wish that I hadn't suggested it to him. I'm sorry for what happened."
"Everyone makes mistakes. Your mistake was the worst one that I have ever seen; however, I forgive you." Admiral Onasi replied, calmly.

She thanked him and got back on the Cessation.

The pilot punched in the hyperspace coordinates. The pilot jumped when he heard footsteps, yet saw nothing/no one. When he turned around to face out the window, a red lightsaber went through his chest. The co-pilot died at the same time, in the same manner.
The Sith had boarded the Cessation; The Cessation was under attack by lots of Dark Jedi, Sith Assassins and Sith Troopers.
The Republic soldiers had to get Padmé to a safe place. After all, the Sith were attacking to capture her.
An emergency alarm could be heard inside her room, where she was sleeping. She woke up and summoned her lightsaber and put it on her belt.
She ran towards the escape pods. But, she couldn't get past the doorway. She felt tired suddenly. She couldn't remember anything until she woke up on a Sith vessel, the Leviathan II.
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