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Chapter 5: The First Stop


"No. I would want to help you with with any task that you require help doind. But, this...this is a suicide mission." began Zhar-Das Jinn, another Jedi war veteran. "And, I'm not ready to die yet."

Zhar-Das Jinn was a former Jedi in his 60s. He looked as if he hadn't shaved in a while. Padmé looked she was on the verge of crying.

"All right. I'll join with you on condition: that you won't cry when I die." Zhar-Das finally said, not being able to look at Padmé be 'sad' any longer.
"Thanks for joining. But, I do forsee that you won't die on this mission." Padmé said, gratefully.

Suddenly, a figure approached them from behind them. Padmé and Zhar-Das drew and activated their lightsabers.

"Who are you? Tell us." Padmé asked, gently & softly.
"I was once know by a name that everyone would probably know because of a certain Jedi. But, my current name is Darth Androus." the personage started, but was interupted by their sudden attack.

The personage summoned one of his own lightsabers. The handle was curved, such as had never been seen before in the Jedi Order, with a green blade.

"I came to help you, Padmé Starkiller, not to kill you." Darth Androus said.
"Yeah, right. Help me with kill and/or surrending myself." she said, sarcastically.
"No really. I would fight with you against the True Sith." Darth Androus replied, seriously.
"We could use all the help that we can aquire willingly." Zhar-Das whispered to Padmé.
"Very well. We accept your help." Padmé replied to Darth Androus.

They, they set out for Nar Shaddaa with all the Force Sensitives they found and/or could recruit from Bespin.
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