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Chapter 6: An Unexpected Master


The Force flowed smoothly here on Nar Shaddaa. There was a certain life about Nar Shaddaa. It was a indescribable planet for Padmé Starkiller.

"Are you sure it was a good idea to leave the new recruits of the new Jedi Order, which you recreated, with Androus?" asked Zhar-Das, who almost always had good instincts.
"Yes; I am sure that it was." she replied, confidently.

She suddenly felt a familar presence nearby through the Force, even through all the life that Nar Shaddaa echoed to Force Users and Force Sensitives; a presence that she hadn't felt since...Malachor V, since the one day when he had comforted her. The General. Or, as he was more recently known by, The Jedi Exile.

"Good, I see T3-M4 & HK-47 found you alright." Ferc Kast, the Jedi Exile, said.
"But, I thought you went to fight with Revan in the Unknown Regions." Padmé said, unbelieving.
"I did; but, then I remembered about the Force Sensitives on Onderon. I got a ride here from an old friend." said the Exile, pointing to his companion who was clad in Mandalorian armor.
"Who are you?" Padmé asked his companion.
"I am Mandalore." the Mandalorian said.
"I thought Revan killed Mandalore at Malachor V." she said, taken aback by Mandalore's reply.
"He did. Yet, before he left for the Unknown Regions he gave Mandalore's helmet to the one person he deemed worthy: I, whose previous name before the title of Mandalore, was Canderous Ordo." Mandalore declared, proudly.
"Anyway, I could use a ride to Onderon, Commander Starkiller." Ferc Kast requested. *silence* "What? Let me guess: you're ashamed because of your actions on Malachor V? During the Mandalorian Wars?" *more silence* "Give me a hint. Come on; you were never this stubborn before."

Padmé just broke out in tears. Through her tears, Ferc only heard 2 words from her: "Hold me." He immediately held her within his embracing arms.
He felt awkward to be holding her as he did the night he had left. Memories of their times came flooding back to him. The good times and the bad times they had gone through together. Their last consersation, with almost the same ending as this.

"I've dealt with a lot for Revan's and your sake, both from the Republic and from the Sith." she started, finally while still crying. "I've had nothing to hold to, except the promise I gave you. Now, I don't even have that to hold on to anymore.
"I will always be with you until the very end. Nothing will ever separate us again,..." the Exile said. "I promise."

So, the trio went about recruiting more Force Sensitives on Nar Shaddaa, then they transported them to the still-battered Jedi Academy, which had faded engravings of Aubrey Sunrider, Revan, Ferc Kast and Padmé Starkiller on a wall in the Jedi Archives. They then went into hyperspace on the Ebon Hawk to Onderon.

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