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Chapter 7: A Mysterious Stranger

Meanwhile at the...

There was a chocolate in his hand. Darth Androus ate it quickly, turning his attention back to his Sith apprentice.
"You must learn to strike faster in order to defeat the Jedi in your path." Darth Androus screamed at the Sith apprentice.
"If you insist." the Sith apprentice said, making the lightsaber's strokes faster and more lethal, considering it was a dead Jedi's lightsaber.
"Good. That's enough. Go finish constructing your lightsaber." Darth Androus said.

The apprentice pulled out an incomplete lightsaber hilt. It was a curved hilt. It bore indistinct engravings, which read in Basic: "The former Master shall rise again." The apprentice wondered who the former master was.

"Remember, a Sith is defined by their lightsaber. For those Sith who go undercover, a hilt that can be easily hidden is best." Darth Androus reminded the apprentice.
"Where shall I wait for the Jedi?" the apprentice demanded.
"You shall find the Jedi on..." Darth Androus started, but an alarm started going off. "We have a visitor. Kill them."

He jumped from the ceiling, drawing his red longsaber out and activating it.

"Who died and made you Dark Lord of the Sith" the man asked, holding his lightsaber towards Darth Androus' throat.
"Darth Traya was the last Dark Lord of the Sith, but this Jedi Exile killed the very room, in fact." Darth Androus declared. "I was one of the survivors that left here alive."
"Atton Rand?" the man asked.
" did you know?" Darth Androus asked.
"I have my ways. As you saw during the War before you deserted." the man said.
"Is it you? Is it really you?" Darth Androus asked.

The man nodded. "I need you to do something for me..."
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