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Chapter 8: The Return of Revan

There was something about the planet that seemed different about than the last time he was here. Onderon's Palace still bore signs of the last battle that occurred here 3 years ago exactly. Queen Talia was still the ruler here. She had been awaiting the Exile's return with anticipation.

"Welcome back, Exile. The Force Sensitives are still are ready to follow you off this 'rock'. But, I will not allow you to take them!" Queen Talia said.

Jumping out of the shadows, a Sith appeared at her side with a custom-made brown lightsaber. The Sith attacked the trio. This Sith fought like no other Sith that they had ever faced before. He attack so rapidly that they were barely were able to counter his attacks. Padmé blocked the Sith from attacking the Exile & Zhar-Das Jinn. The Sith slashed at her side. She attacked furiously with an anger that even this Sith couldn't comprehend. Then, she killed the Sith and walked before Queen Talia.

"You were saying?" she asked, mockingly.
"I'll get them ready for departure." Queen Talia said, leaving the room.
"You're the craziest fighter that I've ever met. And, for that, I owe you my life." Ferc Kast said.

She cried out in pain...She blacked out until she awoke seeing a personage looking towards the horizon...
This person stood before her.

"Good, she lives." the person, clad in white robes and masked, said.
"Darth Revan?" she asked.
"Yes, that was my name once. Darth Revan. But, I am Revan the White. And I come back to you and the Republic at the turn of the tide." He declared. "War is at the Republic's feet. It is inevitable. We must rebuild the Jedi Order if the Republic is to survive. I've brought my former crew & Ferc's former crew. We will need all the help we can get."
"Bastila Shan?" she asked, feeling another Force user enter the room.
"Yes. It is I. Clearly, rumors of my disappearance truly were exaggerated." Bastila said.

Revan bent down on one knee. He pulled out a dozen red roses. He held out his arm, which was holding the roses, towards Bastila.

"Will you marry me?" Revan asked.
"Yes, I will." she replied, blushing. "I thought you might ask eventually."
"I had to ask before the war comes to the Republic." Revan said. "The Ebon Hawk is ready to go to Coruscant before the wedding to check up on your mother."
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