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Chapter 10: Mary Had A Little Gizka?!!

There was knocking on the door of the apartment.

"Password?" Revan asked.
"Mary had a little Gizka." responded the person outside, urgently.

Revan opened the door.

"Oh, my gosh. How soon? Anyway, good timing for telling me. We were just about to start the briefing. Come in before someone sees or hears." Revan said, full of caution.

The person entered the room and closed the door.

"Okay. We're all here now, and more than the original number planned to be here. There are 13 of us now. First off, I'd like to thank Carth for providing this room for the briefing. Mandalore, status report from the edge of the galaxy." Revan said.
Somewhere on the other side of the galaxy...
A hooded figure was watching this meeting, using a recording device.

"So, Revan, you have finally decided to fight back against us." the hooded figure said.
Back on Telos...
"We have been tracking this threat for months. Your allies from the other side of the universe are starting to arrive at Mandalore Prime as we speak. This threat has also started to come out into the open. You know the recent Mandalorian attack on Dantooine? We found the beginnings of the threat there, hiding among the civilians. On their remains was a map. So, we have tried to track their course from the map. The enemy doesn't know of this yet, I'm sure. But, we know their next move will be against Telos. That is, assuming we interpreted it correctly." Mandalore reported.
"Atton, what have you found out from the True Sith meetings?" Revan asked.
"Their first and formost goal is to kill you, Revan, and all who follow you. Apparently, you brought too much hope to those on the other side of the universe. According to their reports, most of those who fought with you there are gone. The rest are submitting to their control. They decided to finally reveal themselves on this side of the galaxy. She is the leader of them. She knows you can't watch them attack forever." Atton said.
"Good job, Atton and Mandalore. Meeting dismissed. Next one will be at the same time tommorow. May the Force be with you." Revan said.

Everyone except Atton, Bastila, Revan and Ferc Kast left the room.

"Now, Ferc, did you get your target in range? Or are you still preparing to 'shoot' it?" Revan asked, trying to be vague in front of Bastila.

Bastila looked back and forth from Ferc to Revan, from Revan to Ferc, etc. What target were they talking about? Bastila wondered. I ought to tell Padmé about this later, since she wants to know about any strange things involving Ferc.

"In truth, I'm waiting for the perfect moment when it's just me and my target." Ferc replied, truthfully. "When my target has dropped all defences, if you know what I mean. Atton, I'm disappointed in you. Why did you turn to the dark side?"
"I saw traces of the witch. She may be alive still. Upon realizing this, I percieved it would take a strong command of the dark side to finish her once and for all. Think about it. How would she have known about the True Sith. In a Sith holocron I found, it said that 'of the True Sith, we shall not speak to ensure that only the True Sith will know of the True Sith.'" Atton said.
"That does make sense. So, you're only on the dark side to hunt her down?" Ferc asked, curiously.
"I stood before her when I was trying to get into the True Sith meeting. She didn't recognize me. She, unforunately, lives." Atton said.
Later that night...
"So, Ferc, I hear you're hunting some target. What is it? I could help you hunt it." Padmé volunteered.
"What it is I can't tell you. As for helping me, you could help more than you know. But, how did you...?" Ferc said.
"Find out? Bastila told me." Padmé replied.

She decided to drop that subject, for the moment. They enjoyed a romantic dinner of spaghetti, with a three-cheese spaghetti sauce on top of it, and meatballs together. After dinner, Ferc and Padmé went back to their apartment on Citadel Station. Neither knew what would happen the next morning...
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