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Chapter 11: The Third Battalion

It was midnight. All except the TSF, Revan and the Exile were asleep. Revan sat still on his and Bastila's couch, apparently waiting for something to happen. There was a disturbance in the Force. Suddently, the TSF's camera showed some cruisers approaching Telos. Suddenly, explosions could be felt all around Telos' surface and Citadel Station. From the cruisers, came thousands of individual Sith fighters. There was an announce to all able-bodied pilots: "All pilots demand their ships!!! All pilots to their ships!!" Upon hearing this, thousands of Telos pilots and the Exile ran to their Republic starfighters. Revan ran to his custom-made Sith fighter. After 4 hours of fighting individual Sith fighters, Revan grinned. He had a plan.

“Admiral Onasi, this is Revan.” Revan said, anxiously.
“Yes; what’s the matter, Revan?” Carth replied.
“Tell your men to hold their fire on the Sith fighters.” Revan commanded.
“Yes, Revan. Will do.” Carth said, wondering what Revan had in mind. “All pilots avoid shooting at the Sith fighters at all costs. But, keep defending the planet.”

Revan targeted a Sith fighter, with markings that signified a high rank, carefully. I have you now. Revan thought to himself. He fireed at the Sith fighter, causing all the Sith fighters to persue him. He looked towards a nearby Republic cruiser. He knew what needed to be done.

“Red Group, fire all your missles across the bow of Cruiser 66.” He started to fly towards the Republic cruiser, while most of the Sith fighters following him.
“But, there aren’t any targets there, commander.” Red Group’s leader said.
“Just do it, now!!!!” Revan shouted in response.

Revan got to the bow in time to avoid the missles. What was Revan thinking for them to waste those missles? Carth wondered, knowing that Revan must have something up his sleeve. The Sith fighters followed Revan to the bow, where they were hit instantly by the oncoming missles.

“Attack.” Revan commanded.

The pilots didn’t hesitate upon hearing that word from Revan. They fired on the remaining Sith fighters immediately. They forced the fighters back into the cruisers. Soon, the Republic cruisers started to fire on the fleeing Sith cruisers. Revan brilliantly lead Telos’ pilots with his military instruction. Within a few more hours, the Sith cruisers were mostly destroyed, except the ones that managed to flee the battle. The pilots started to fly back to Citadel Station. The Third and Final Battle of Telos was won. But, this War had only just began…
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