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Chapter 12: A Fool's Betrayal

Ferc walked past his fellow pilots to try to find Padmé among the cheering crowd of Telosians. He soon spotted her among the crowd. She stood far off with Atton holding her hand. He stared in unbelief at them. He thought he must be misconstruing what he saw. He looked again. They were more than holding each other's hand; They appeared to be either hugging or kissing. He hid himself in the cantina for most of the early morning. When he came back to their apartment later, he went on the couch and fell asleep. The next thing he remembered was waking up smelling something good. Padmé apparently was cooking breakfast. He started to stretch & get up.

"Good to see you up, sleepy head." Padmé said upon hearing him stretch. "I didn't see you come back from the battle. Where were you?!! Atton and I were waiting for you."
"So, that's what you were doing. One could've mistaken it for something else." Ferc replied, sarcastically. "I was waiting for someone to catch up with me. But, that clearly didn't happen. So, I went to a couple celebrations instead."
"I see. Forget me will you?! I'll have to teach a lesson for that." she replied.
"Much as I'd like that lesson, I have to go somewhere. Oh; And, tell Atton to stay away from you." Ferc said, on the verge of shouting.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Nothing." he replied, sighing deeply.
"Don't do this. Let me help you; I...I will do anything you ask." Padmé pleaded.
"Forget it. You'd feel too sympathetic if I told you." Ferc said, decisively.

Ferc now remember some of Kreia's last words: There must always be a Darth Traya... Ferc turned back to Padmé.

"I'm going to be off Telos for a short while. I need to think about something...alone." Ferc said.

That night...
"Ferc sent me to keep tabs on you." Atton said to Padmé, as he entered the apartment.
"You look worried. What's up?" Padmé noted.
"Well...It's a long story." Atton said.
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