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Chapter 13: There is no Death...

"To summarize, all that I have told you over the last few hours, in a nutshell: His tracking device, which he usually carries on him at all times, isn't giving a signal anymore. This makes me very concerned. When did you last see him?" Atton asked.
"Yesterday." Padmé replied.
"Did he say where he was going?" Atton asked, attempting to gain insight.
"He didn't." she replied.
"I need your help, then." Atton said, bluntly.
Darth Balatro stared towards the lava. This was the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Balatro wore a mask to hide his face. He also wore the traditional black robes of the Sith with his hood up. A Sith soldier walked up to Darth Balatro. He glared at the soldier, waiting for the news.

"Padmé Starkiller has just arrived, my Lord." the soldier said.
"Inform me when he arrives." Darth Balatro said. "For it is inevitable that he will come & find her here."
"Yes, my Lord." the soldier said, saluting before leaving.

Darth Balatro went invisibly to the landing pad. There was Padmé Starkiller in a brown Jedi tunic and some young man. He analyzed the situation and deduced that he would need to possess her to set his plan in motion. He then used the Force in order to possess her, while remaining hidden.

Padmé lay faint on the ground for a while. He awoke inside her. Good; It worked. He thought to himself. I will duel with the Exile, then re-possess her & journey with him. I can then kill him when he least expects it.

"Are you all right, Padmé?" the young man asked.
"Yes; I am fine, whoe'er you are." he said, which came out sounding like her voice.
"You've known me for months. How could you forget me, Atton Rand, charmer of girls like yourself?!" Atton asked, a bit offended.
"It was the fall that caused me to forget...Atton." he said.

Darth Balatro got Atton back in the ship while he was outside still. Padmé couldn't remember anything for a while. Everything seemed to get dark all around her. The next thing she remembered was being chained against the wall of a dungeon.

"Good; You survived." Darth Balatro said, from the shadows.
"Ferc Kast will come for me." Padmé said, confidently.
"I know. That's the reason that I brought you here." Darth Balatro explained. "You are the perfect bait for my plan."
Hours later...
The Sith soldier returned, bearing a urgent message: "My Lord, he has just landed."

"Excellent. See to it that he finds me on the upper landing pad." Darth Balatro replied.

Darth Balatro ran to fight Ferc; He waited patiently on the upper landing pad. Ferc jumped up to it from the lower landing pad.

"Unhand her." Ferc said, threateningly.
"Watch that temper; It's going to get you in more trouble than you can handle one day." Darth Balatro replied.

Ferc drew out his lightsaber, keeping it unactivated for a moment. He then activated it and swung towards the Sith; But, it was blocked by the Sith's red lightsaber. Darth Balatro kept attacking Ferc, barely getting Ferc hurt. Ferc blocked every stroke with undeniable prowess. But after hours of dueling, Darth Balatro cut off Ferc's right hand.

"There is no escape. Don't make me destroy you as you thought that you destroyed Traya." warned Darth Balatro.

As Darth Balatro made his death blow intended for Ferc, Atton jump out of nowhere to sacrifice himself for the greater good. While Darth Balatro watched Atton fall down to the ground, Ferc stabbed his lightsaber into Darth Balatro. Darth Balatro had failed to follow his orders from Traya.

"Did I save you, yet?" Atton asked, weakly.

Ferc only looked at Atton, unable to reply.

"Your eyes...That bad, huh? Always was ugly...Now the outside matches." Atton said.

Atton then became one with the Force. Ferc mourned Atton's death while he rescued Padmé; He set their ship's course for Mandalore Prime...
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