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Chapter 14: A Dying Race

There were Mandalorians all around this planet. And, recruits from the Unknown Regions were arriving constantly. Ferc recognized some of them as the leaders of the Unknown Region resistance. He remembered those 3 years of fight side by side with them. How unfortunate that it wasn't enought to defeat the True Sith once and for all. Ferc and Padmé boarded aship bound for Androus V, a planet on the other side of the galaxy.
Ferc constructed a mechanical hand, which looked exactly as the hand hand he'd lost in the duel with Darth Balatro, for himself.

"Atton, your sacrifice won't be in vain." Ferc had said said weeks ago at Atton's funeral.
"Ferc, come follow me." Padmé said, taking hime to a hidden room.

There was only a bed in the room. She lay with him & he kissed her. She went with him everywhere, obeying his every whim.
All was right with Ferc until he realized it is but a dream. He was lying with Padmé as a guardian only, but nothing more. She was only inches away. What is stopping me from truly lying with her? he wondered to himself. He left the room to meditate. He felt her approach from behind. She turned to go back into the room.

"Don't go. Your presence is soothing." Ferc said.
"I didn't want to dusturb you." she replied. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing; Only a dream." Ferc said.

The rest of the day, he shut himself up in the room alone. Ferc couldn't understand Atton's death. Why did he sacrifice himself? He could've prevented that lethal blow; Yet, he chose not to. Why? he pondered to himself.
Mandalorians were fighting all around the planet. The True Sith had taken the bait. Their ships were starting to get out of hyperspace.

"Quickly, man the turrets to blast them through the planet's shield." Ferc said.
"But, sir, one of our fighter is headed straight at them." One Mandalorian said, urgently.
"How could thi...Padmé." Ferc replied. "Padmé, get out of there."
"And, what of the Sith fighters?" Padmé replied.
"Good point; Although, I'm sending more fighters to help." Ferc said
"Very well." Padmé responded.

Within the hour, she was getting out of her starfighter. She bore scars from the battle above the planet. Ferc ran up & hugged her. She lay her head upon his shoulders and cried.
Later, she sneaked aboard her starfighter to a garden on Telos' surface. Ferc arrived there minutes later. He found her possessions outside of the garden. He grabbed her hands before she could stab herself with the dagger she had with her.

"I can't bear this grief anymore." Padmé said, attempting to rationalize.
"You didn't truly know him as I did. So, you have no reason for this action." Ferc countered.

That evening, Ferc watched her with Bastila and Revan's help. They avoided the subject of Atton all that night. Padmé retired to her room hours later.

"Are you going to be fine overnight, Ferc?" Bastila asked, the green dots on her cheek gleaming in the available lights.
"I should be." Ferc said.
"Considering all, I'd say that you should go for your target after we leave. Sooner would probably be better at this point." Revan said.

The next day, Padmé could control her emotions. The two went through a park. As they were flying towards Duxn, Ferc, holding Padmé's hand in his, decided to go for his target another day...

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