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Chapter 15: March of the Mandalorians

The duo did many things together while following Revan's orders. They were on Duxn. All was quiet; Everyone was was quiet as Sith surrounded them. The shield went up after all the Basillisk War Droids were launched towards the Sith ships in the area. There came a call from among the Mandalorians: "Charge!!!" Ferc looked for the source of the call. To his great astonishment, it was Atton. Atton wore a white Jedi robe, wielding a silver lightsaber. And, charge they did. The Mandalorians & Republic soldiers and Jedi stationed therestarted attacking these Sith. The Sith soon gained the upper hand. Upon realizing this, Ferc used his Master Battle Meditation power. The tide began to turn; The Mandalorians fought perfectly, making their deaths more honorable and blows more lethal. Every blade reached its' mark. There were still losses for the Republic, just mostly these True Sith were dying and losing. The Republic later forgot that through Ferc, they had won this victory against the True Sith.
Bodies lay everywhere within 2 days of the tide's turn. The Mandalorians made their stand and won, barely. Only a handful of Mandalorians, including Mandalore himself, survived the battle. Padmé was heavily wounded during this battle. Ferc looked for Padmé for 1.5 days before finding her, by which time she had fainted from loss of blodd.

"Atton, get over here!!" Ferc shouted.
"What happened? More Sith?" Atton asked.
"No; It's Padmé." Ferc replied. "If you don't get here soon, she will be listed among the deceased."
She thought she heard a voice speaking to her in the midst of darkness from her fainting. She felt warm, yet not entirely warm. There was nothing more or less than a quilt over her. A door was opened & one set of feetsteps left as another entered.
Padmé's eyes opened as Ferc entered the room. There was something different about him that she couldn't place. He looked a bit uncomfortable in this room. He appearaed as if he had slept in a while. There was a tense silence between the two for a few minutes.

"You said something to me while I was out of it; Of life...of being. Faint." Padmé said, remembering vaguely.
"I did indeed.. And, what of it?" Ferc replied.
"What did you say? And, please, be honest with me." She requested.
"I said...You sure you want to know?" He asked.
Padmé nodded. "Yes."
"It was something along the lines of...'I would stand in death's door for you before I would let this happen again. My caring for you exceeds the instensity of 9 billion suns. My target is and has always been...'" Ferc started...
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