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Chapter 16: The Prophecy and Death of Jinn

"It was something along the lines of...'I would stand in death's door for you before I would let this happen again. My caring for you exceeds the instensity of 9 billion suns. My target is and has always been...'" Ferc started.

Ferc had almost finished his sentence when Zhar-Das Jinn rushed into the room; He spoke like never before.

"The one who will bring balance to the Force will be born unto she who is without husband. He will be found by one called...Jinn, who shall...fight a Sith Lord...die upon his enemy's lightsaber. Chosen One...Sith...will defeat...Jedi...Balance will be brought by through the Chosen One." Zhar-Das said.

The duo stared at him; Had a prophecy truly been made? they pondered to themselves.
A Sith Lord aproached Jinn from being. The Sith activated his lightsaber & stabbed Jinn.

"Sorry; Can't have Jedi Seers roaming the glaxy." the Sith said.

Before anyone could see, the Sith hid himself. Zhar-Das Jinn lay on the ground, dead.
Ferc & Padmé ran toward Jinn when they felt a disturbance in the Force. Upon seeing him dead, Padmé remembered his words when he agreed to join her: ...Don't cry when I die. So, she mourned his death with silent tars. Tears that didn't even leave her eyes. Ferc held her in his arms. The sunset rested on Jinn's body. The Sith sneaked up on them. Padmé, instictively, threw herself in front of a killing stroke intended for Ferc. She was dead before she hit the ground. The hope of this war vanished from before Ferc. 'Twas over...
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