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Chapter 17: The Power to Conquer

Padmé woke on board the Cessation. Only one other person was with her on this empty Republic cruiser. Zhar-Das Jinn.

"Am I dead? Are you dead?" Padmé asked, immediately.
"On the contrary, you are alive. I, on the other hand, am completely dead." Zhar-Das replied.
"But how? I meant to die for Ferc when I jumped between the deadly blow and him." Padmé asked, utterly confused.
"That made all the difference. You were Ferc's last unresolved conflict from the Mandalorian Wars. Hence, he lives. And, you live through him now by means of your sacrifice." Jinn explained.

Padmé looked around.

"Where is this ship taking us? And, how am I to return to end this great war?" Padmé asked.
"This ship is heading for the galaxy far, far away. To the beyond. The latter question is simple. Just open your eyes." Jinn answered.
"Open my...Wait a second. Aren't my eyes open? Which makes this, by definition, a dream yet reality?" Padmé asked.
"Yes." Jinn replied.
"How did Atton come back? He was dead." Padmé asked, perplexed still.
"He never died; He willed that blow to not kill him." Jinn explained.
"He influenced the midichlorians?" Padmé asked, amazed.
"'Tis not the time to stop and chat. 'Tis the time to ensure the victory of the Republic. May the Force be with you." Jinn replied.
She opened her eyes once more as the Sith brought body before the Republic and Unknown Region resistance on Duxn.

"This is what will happen to those who oppose us. There are none who can escape death." the True Sith said, lying Padmé's body on the ground.
"The resistance will fight you until the end." Ferc said, defiantly.
"You're the first to go. This time, there's no girl to die for you." the True Sith said, matter-of-factly.
"You're clearly forgetting me!" Padmé suddenly cried out, getting up off the ground and activating her lightsaber.
"Impossible! You were killed when he ought to have died." the True Sith said, in unbelief.

A great battle followed across Duxn's surface & skies. Stroke after stroke, the resistance fought against the True Sith. Revan jumped out of his custom Sith fighter, which was in mid-air. He led the resistance into brilliant combat. Resistance members fell every so often while True Sith fell more frequently. Hours passed during this conflict. Finally, Revan sliced the last True Sith's head. There was blood all across Duxn's surface. Revan looked among the casualties. His former Master was not among the deceased. So, he gathered the leaders of the resistance for one last grand council...

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