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Chapter 18: The Last Council

Revan paced back and forth. Like the others, he was pondering the status of the Republic. There were a few moments of silence until Bastila broke the immense silence.

"If Darth Traya had already won, we would be aware of it." Bastila said.
"There was one last planet outlined on her Star Map: Malachor VI." Ferc said.
Revan, sensing the planet being inhabitated by the True Sith, spoke finally. "It is finished. The Republic and Unknown Region resistance has failed." he said.
"No; Not as long as we get there quickly in our starfighters and army. We can bait them into fighting us." Padmé replied.
"There's but one ship large enough for the army: the Ebon Hawk. And, I would not wish its' destruction." Revan noted.
"But, if we don't go, then Traya has already won. We might as well be planning our exile, if that were the case." Padmé responded. "But, 'tis not the case. What's it going to take to o'erthrow them? Can we do it?"
"Yes!" the majority of the council cried.
"Then, we must go..." Padmé declared. "...regardless of any risks."

The Republic troops and Unknown Region resistance forces boarded the Ebon Hawk to challenge the True Sith for the last time.
Meanwhile, Darth Traya laughed at every word of the council.

"So, Revan, it is a fight you want? Then, it shall be a fight like none you have fought before. None who travel with you shall survive the encounter." Darth Traya said. "If the Galaxy puts you away like a book is put on a shelf never to be read again, will you take the victory or accept the defeat?"
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