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Chapter 20: At War's End

There were only five living people upon the planet: Revan and Bastila Starkiller, Atton Rand, Ferc Kast and Padmé Starkiller. The Ebon Hawk lay beaten, much as it was when it landed on Peragus 3 years ago. When they woke, the five surveyed the damage that had been done on/to the planet's surface. Before, it had looked much like Korriban when Revan went to the Star Map for the second time; Now, it mirrored Malachor V entirely. There was a small ship on the surface with room enough for 3, but two more could fit in the cargo hold.

"I wish we had not taken the Ebon Hawk here. Now, it will fly no more." Revan said, mournfully.
"Or won't it?" Ferc asked, looking at most of the broken areas. "You three, go head to Dantooine. We'll be there shortly afterwards."
"It's your choice." Revan replied. "May the Force be with you."
"May the Force be with you." Ferc and Padmé replied, in perfect unison with each other.

Atton, Revan and Bastila took off in the small ship. Ferc looked at Padmé's expression for a minute. He could see it was the perfect time to corner his target. Now was the time to seize the day.

"Padmé, would you that we two should be made one in marriage?" Ferc asked.
"Ferc, you know my answer already." Padmé replied.
"I do?" Ferc asked, perplexed.
"Yes." she replied.
"Oh; What a joker you are!" Ferc said, while starting to laugh.

They repaired the ship, while kissing every few minutes. When it was repaired, they punched in the coordinates for Dantooine.
As the dawn's early light rose, crowds gathered to greet and celebrate the heroes of the 'Hidden War', as they would call it for years to come. They were presented with medals for their service to the Republic, which should have been remembered for all time and enternity. However, 'twas not the case...
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