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Chapter 21: The Arrogant Republic

Padmé and Ferc's wedding was but a small one. Only their closest friends came. Although, the entire Republic was aware of it. They went to Naboo for their honeymoon. They then returned to the Jedi Temple.
Eventually, the Republic forgot all about what the five victors had done for them. The Republic now treated the five victors as common peasants. Revan and Bastila had a small family of their own. Revan would always look towards the sunset at night, remembering how he had once held the galaxy within his grasp. Yet, now he was no better than Aubrey Sunrider, whose entire story only Revan and Ferc knew. Yet, she was widely known during her reign as Dark Lord of the Sith. The galaxy had shut him out as they had with her. Revan's name commanded no more attention, except to a few historians. He kept in touch with his former allies from the war.
After the day when the Republic paid no heed to the 5 heroes, Padmé and Ferc Kast changed their last name to Skywalker and abandoned the Jedi Order. They settled down on Naboo for a few years before they finally settled down on Tatooine. Little did they know that through their lineage would come the Chosen One in thousands of years...
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