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Originally Posted by tk102
It'd be a safe bet for easy money.
I agree that it would be easy money. However have we ever known BioWare to take a project just because it was easy money? I'm not aware of any such examples. If it was easy money they wanted then why did they turn down KotOR 2? I think because they wanted to be able to have full freedom to create their own stories and not have to share revenues with licensors.

Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
The only hiccup, I think, is how EA mentioned that the MMORPG was one of the reasons they wanted to buy Bioware. The problem is, they wouldn't own the IP, since even if jointly developed, Lucasarts probably would retain control of it. I would find it strange that EA would be so excited about that.
Yes, that does seem kind of strange but according to the BioWare and Pandemic Studios profiles posted on EA's investor website the BioWare MMORPG is not an owned IP so it stands to reason that it's licensed and EA was of course fully aware of that when they made the decision to purchase the two game developers.

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