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I'd like to see more alignment based, class based, and dialogue choices limiting what powers you are given as options.

For instance, only DS could learn force lightning to any kind of effective degree, though LS could learn a non lethal weakened down electric judgement that would weaken and at high levels stun opponents. Causing disease and poison should be separated out as different powers, rather than increasing levels of the same power, though 2 - 3 levels of poisoning power shojld be a prerequisite to a cause disease.

Also, purely healing force powers should be limited to LS characters, and there should be high level variants that you gain access to if you train in it at lower levels. After 2 - 3 levels in heal, you should only then the option to cure poison as an additional power. Likewise, you'd have to use up one of your powers if you wanted to cure disease. If you go dark side, you'd be stuck with variants that either only heal yourself, heal yourself to the detriment of the party, or heal a party member only by siphoning life energy from somewhere.

I don't know that battle meditation should even be a discipline that any class other than a Jedi master or sith Lord can do. It seems far less like a watchman, assassin, marauder, a weapon's master power, making others fight more effectively. Weapon's masters would fight for people they work with or are trying to protect, where watchmen might be able to learn a certain basic proficiency, but I doubt be able to practice it on such a wide scale as the exile on Onderon. Jedi Masters are the teachers of the order, and the ones that work through surrogates on the LS. Sith Lords are the master manipulators of the DS, getting others to do their dirty work, strengthening one side in a conflict until both are weakened from a conflict and easy to dispatch. This was sidious' way, and the choices of powers should reflect something of this.

Or perhaps if a LS character were to specialize several levels of disable droid and have a high enough skill at repair / computer, they might get the power to use their force powers to have machinery work better for them. A communicate with droid power or a specialized ability to make swoops more responsive I think would be a good pay off for putting all your skills and powers towards maximizing an understanding of machines. Perhaps even the ability to hack either without needing spikes, or that it still costs spikes but that it always succeeds would be a good passive power.

All in all, I'd like to see the development of what the Jedi Order talked about in the latter days of the old republic. Jedi limiting themselves to LS powers. Specialization, but benefits from that specialization. Even within that, I'd like to see your character to have to build up a base of knowledge in one thing before other things become available, as well as synergies develop between skills and powers as long as you stay specialized, but that you'll be much weaker if you try to be a jack of all trades.

For instance, a Jedi that does not choose the highest level of healing skill, does not have the LS alignment, or does not max out the original 3 healing Force powers, should not be given the option of curing poison or diseases. If any of these things are missing, they just never rise to the higher level. That would allow for people to have certain basic proficciencies in most things, but have to pick one area in which to really excell (if they wanted one).

I think that customizability and increasingly making these choices mutually exclusive to this degree would make for a much better PC and replayability experience. One play through you could go for having complete control over your own body and mind through study into meditation and healing. Another game you could have extreme influence over machines and droids, even surpassing Bao Dur in ways. A third, you could be as charismatic and socially aware as Revan.

I'd also like to see this affect your party. Will your droids or the people find you agreeable? It would be hard to design your character where both were true if you also wanted the character to be effective in melee combat. Anyway, I hope it's not too complicated an idea to be implemented.

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