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The radicalization of liberals in politics

Since I know a huge proportion of people in here I believe are liberal in political nature, I wanted to pose this question to yu guys.

Recently, in America, we've seen an increase in "radical" disturbances and distractions, from college campuses to prominent liberals speaking. Here is a list of incidents that I can come up with off the top of my head:

1. A bunch of atheists and homosexuals entered a church and disrupted a service in San Francisco.

2. Several different prominent Democrats have been disrupted by protesters, specifically 9/11 conspiracy theorists (Kerry, Mahr, and Clinton come to mind.)

3. People disrupting conservatives speakers on college campuses.

4. Someone with red corn syrup on their hands from the group CODEPINK while Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice appeared before Congress.

5. Different campus disruptions of various speakers (I can't think of any specifically, but there have been several.)

So, what do you think? Am I going crazy? Should I go get my tin foil hat, or am I on to something?

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