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Originally Posted by Char Ell
1UP has posted an article titled The Evidence for BioWare's Star Wars MMO.
Well, let's consider it...

Originally Posted by 1up
Obviously, BioWare has already shown LucasArts they have a deep respect for Star Wars and ability to create compelling new characters and stories within that universe -- hello, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
This argument, of course, COMPLETELY ignores a fairly significant point that have long, long since been mentioned on these (and other) boards, which is that a major problem with Galaxies is not that it's badly written, but that everybody insists on playing Jedi in any Star Wars MMORPG. Getting Bioware to write a new MMORPG is not going to magically make that problem disappear, because it's related to the game type.

KotOR works in no small part because it's a single-player experience. I mean, does anyone here think it would have been a good idea to do KotOR as a MMORPG, where every single active player turns out to be an amnesic former Sith Lord looking for either redemption or revenge [insert player choice here]?!?

Let's face it - the strength of that writing is founded squarely on the single-player approach, and there is no way you can do the same in an MMORPG, because you cannot dictate the player's entire past and in such detail as is done in KotOR. There IS something to be said for non-interactive entertainment, and KotOR uses it for maximum effect - you don't get to decide whether you're Revan or not, and you don't get to define your background or how the story unfolds - you just get to decide how you feel about it.

So to take the strength of writing in KotOR and use that as a basis for saying that Bioware would do a better Star Wars MMORPG than Sony...

Well, let's just say I don't find the argument particularly compelling or convincing...

There is no way that the "jedi-problem" can be overcome. If jedi exist in the MMORPG, then people will play them over any and all other characters. It's just that simple.

So I think there is only one way that a Star Wars MMORPG can ever work, and that's to take away the jedi or at least prevent any possibility of players playing them. The obvious choice for that would be to set the action during the age of the Empire in the original trilogy or just before it.

Hmmm... Is it just me or does that seem to fit with LA's upcoming live-action tv-series?

EDIT: Oh, silly me. 1up could be absolutely correct, of course, that this is about a Lucasarts IP. That does not need to mean that it's Star Wars, though. Now, I'd agree that they are unlikely to revive ancient IPs such as Monkey Island or Zak McCracken (unfortunately...), but there IS a fairly huge other LA-IP that's been on the horizon for a long time and which is coming out in may 2008

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