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Originally Posted by SilentScope001

Any nation can surivie (as in, it won't get retaken and recolonized). But how will it surivie? And can it thrive?
Given that - if Scotland achieved and wanted independence - the North Sea oil reserves would fall under their jurisdiction... I'd imagine they'd do quite nicely with a population of only around five or seven million and 1 billion a month in tax revenue from just one reserve.

But I think, currently at least, Scottish popular opinion stands with "We want to be Scottish and British". I, personally, don't see any reason why you can't have dual nationality. I would describe myself as both English and British but I have no idea what 'Englishness' is, aside from a breast obsession and football hooliganism.

Alex Salmond (Scotland's First Minister) has been exceptionally clever with how he deals with the whole independence issue. He's taken the SNP from being a minority bunch of eccentrics and made them a professional party - as we saw, quite clearly, at their last party conference. Rather than kicking and screaming about independence (which he does quite a lot) he's getting down to work, making Scotland seem viable on the international stage while still having it operate as a part of the union. He gives the Scots a taste of independence's honey without actually scaring them with independence. Salmond is fighting a war of conversion; a smooth operator with populist policies that can be put into action due to the lack of an equivalent of the reactionary, Daily Mail (no offence intended) reading, Middle England who insist that everything should be driven by market forces and that things were better in the Nineteenth Century.

Free prescriptions, free higher education, and the abolition of tolls on roads that you pay Road Tax for... I just want to know why the, supposedly socialist, party sitting in Westminster hasn't been doing these things rather than spending billions of sterling on wars and taking our civil liberties away. -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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