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Don't cast MMO players as fat girlfriendless guys living in their mom's basement. I know more MMO players with good jobs a wife and kids than I do who fit the stereotype. In fact I know more console gamers who fit that stereotype(and no, I'm not saying console gamers fit the stereotype, just pointing out that stereotyping is a bad idea).

If it is an MMO, they can spend more time on the development of your character. They can spend more time on developing your connection to the Force. They don't have to slap months/years of training into a cutscene. They can go more in depth into a story that doesn't have to fit on a single dvd. They can have a great deal of content stored on their servers, that just flat out wouldn't fit on a DVD.

Of course so far here are the facts.
Bioware is developing their own MMO.
It is their first venture into this.
Lucasarts and Bioware have entered into an agreement to develop an interactive experience.
Lucasarts largest IP is Star Wars, but it is not their ONLY IP
Bioware's MMO is NOT an owned IP.
MMO's in general make more money per year than SP games.
Bioware has stated explicitly that they are NOT making KotOR 3.

Things we do not know, but are rumored to be true:
Whether the IP for Bioware's MMO is owned by Lucasarts.
Whether that IP is Star Wars
Whether the setting is in the Old Republic.

Edit: The thing that bugs me is the statement:
You can't change a persistent world in an MMO.
False. It just appears to you that it is not possible. However different factions can control planets. For instance: In the Koonda battle, you change the faction in power. You should be able to reverse that, if the two main characters on opposing sides are not killed. If you cause them to flee, you affect power on that planet. Mercenaries control it one day, a group of adventurers come by and liberate Koonda. Koonda is now free again. You can get several added quests for either Mercs or Adare. Jedi related quests could open up for Adare, Sith related could open up for Mercs. Heck you could open up some special jedi quests for when the Mercs are in power. Say liberate Koonda quests. These could be undone by Sith types who want the Jedi out when Adare is in power. This is just ONE idea. Of course we could use this type of example for any number of places affected by the first or second KotOR games. The only difference is whether it is permanent or reversable.

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